The Project

The proposed action is aimed at promoting European Japonica rice
and highlighting the environmental sustainability of rice production
in the four major European rice consuming countries of Italy, Portugal, France and Germany.

In doing this, the project will seek to raise consumer awareness of the high quality standards of European rice. Thus, through the dissemination of specific knowledge regarding production methods, quality standards, healthiness, traceability, labelling and product authenticity, a new vision and new approach to ‘Made in EU Rice’ will be advanced.

The resulting awareness, espousing the value of rice cultivation in terms of sustainability and protection of natural resources, will be oriented to expanding the European rice market, increasing production and improving the economic conditions of farmers engaged in the rice sector.

In focusing on the sustainability of European rice, the promotional and informative campaign will spotlight the unique characteristics of rice production in Italy, Portugal and France, in particular.

To advocate the distinctive aspects of European rice, both online and offline communication activities will be implemented, giving ample space at events for direct contact with consumers and stakeholders. The creation of various downloadable promotional and informative materials is also planned.

The slogan accompanying the project, “European rice. Good for you, great for the environment”, will be used on all materials used in the campaign.

The project will thus address consumers by pitching not only the sustainability of European rice production, but also its quality and its versatility in the kitchen. Indeed, consumer events will feature special tastings and show cooking.

Institutional events, on the other hand, will provide opportunities to meet with stakeholders and advance awareness of the distinctive characteristics of European rice and its quality in terms of food safety, healthiness and organoleptic characteristics. The website and social media posts will promote the narrative of rice growing in Italy, France and Portugal with detailed information regarding recipes, cultivation and production methods, biodiversity, use of water resources in paddy fields, traditions, anecdotes, curiosities and everything that promotes awareness in consumers about the sustainability of European rice and its many other qualities.