Tasting Days

Tasting Days

Our “on the road” journey starts in Stuttgart. Between May and June, we will cross all of Germany, visiting its main cities to promote European rice and its uses in the kitchen, and transmit the value of rice cultivation in terms of sustainability and the protection of natural resources.

At each stop, our chef on board the food truck will give consumers tips on how to recognize quality, safe, environmentally friendly and delicious rice. And what better way to convince someone of the genuineness of a product than getting them to taste it? Sure to conquer the palate of all passers-by during our Tasting Days, our chef will highlight the versatility of rice with different recipes from the three major rice producing countries in the European Union: Risotto alla Milanese for Italy, Riz au Lait for France, and Arroz de Marisco for Portugal.

Perfect for traditional and the most modern and sophisticated recipes, EU rice is a real food treasure to be rediscovered, not only for its taste but also its digestibility and high nutritional value. Without forgetting that this “health cereal” is totally gluten free, and so ideal for gluten intolerance sufferers.

Our Tasting Days are a great opportunity for consumers and chefs to meet and talk, share opinions, knowledge, recipes, anecdotes and curiosities. Because consuming European rice means supporting unique values that are part of the heritage and culture of our continent.

Next stop: Siegen.

Keep following our journey discovering European sustainable rice!